Step 7

The Gospel For Every Person

Obeying His Call: Taking the Gospel to The Ends of the Earth

In this step, we dive into the heart of the Great Commission: taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. This key theme is one of six themes drawn from the Book of Acts, that frames the morning sessions at the Fourth Lausanne Congress.

This theme also ties in with the Lausanne Movement's fourfold vision of bringing the Gospel to every person, underscoring our commitment to reaching out across the globe.

The Gospel for Every Person

“World evangelization requires the whole Church to take the whole gospel to the whole world. The Church is at the very centre of God’s cosmic purpose and is his appointed means of spreading the gospel. But a church which preaches the cross must itself be marked by the cross." - The Lausanne Covenant


Here are some of the opportunities available for you within this step to connect, engage and learn with other participants of the Fourth Lausanne Congress.

Prayer Initiatives

“In the midst of all these priorities, let us commit ourselves afresh to pray.
Prayer is a call, a command and a gift. Prayer is the indispensable foundation and resource for all elements of our mission”. - The Lausanne Covenant

Collaborative Action

Every afternoon of the congress, you as a congress participant will be invited to engage in Collaborate sessions. These sessions are designed to help you:

  • Process what is currently happening in the world
  • Discern what should be happening
  • Prayerfully seek to close these ‘Great Commission gaps’
  • Commit to a process of collaborative action through organic teams that will be launched beyond the congress.

Here are some resources to help you better prepare you for the Collaborate sessions.

The State of the Great Commission brings together the best global data and key strategic thinkers to understand where the greatest gaps and opportunities are for the Great Commission’s fulfilment.

State of The Great Commission Report

At different steps on our Journey to the Congress, we will be releasing sections of the State of the Great Commission Report for you to read and engage with. The report’s findings urge us to ask critical questions about the state of global mission and the future direction of our evangelical efforts