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Commonly asked questions about pre-congress programme.

What will the pre-congress programme include?

The pre-congress programme aims to help each congress member explore the core themes of the Fourth Lausanne Congress. It will include different levels of personal and peer engagement with curated content, helpful connections, and action steps to take as you prepare yourself to engage the Lausanne 4 journey and congress.

What is the level of time commitment (weekly/monthly) expected in the pre-congress programme and what format will it take?

Participants are invited to devote approximately one hour per week to explore pre-congress material in order to suitably prepare themselves for the congress. Additional material will be made available for those who would like to dive deeper. The format will include written materials, podcasts, and videos to browse in your own time, as well as live webinar engagements and online meet-ups.

Is participation in the pre-congress programme mandatory?

All selected participants, whether attending the congress in person or through the Congress VX, are invited to participate in the pre-congress programme as they have capacity. This is not a mandatory requirement but is advised in shaping your experience of the congress as well as your participation in the congress.

Will there also be live engagements in the pre-congress programme?

The pre-congress programme will include live engagements for you to connect with other participants before the congress.  Be sure to check out the pre-congress hub each month for further information, starting mid-October 2023.