24-7 Prayer for Global Mission

Empowering Global Mission Through a Global Movement of Prayer

As we gear up for the Fourth Lausanne Congress we remember the words of St. Augustine of Hippo:

This profound truth reminds us that we will not see the acceleration of global mission through human effort alone.

What is the 24-7 Prayer Initiative?

In anticipation of the Fourth Lausanne Congress, we invite you to unite with believers from across the globe in a six-month, 24/7 prayer initiative, seeking breakthrough in global missions together.

Echoing Billy Graham’s conviction, ‘We can change the course of events if we go to our knees in believing prayer,’ we intentionally seek to commit ourselves and our ministries to God in prayer.

Throughout these six months, we’ll provide you with:

  • A Space for Connection: Engage with others in prayer, in our dedicated 24-7 YouTube Live Prayer Room—an online sanctuary where you’ll receive prayer prompts, can share your thoughts, and connect with a global community of believers.
  • A Plan for Focus: To support your prayer journey, a new prayer guide will be made available each month for download. These guides are designed to assist you in dedicating your time of prayer meaningfully, entrusting yourself, family, friends, community, and fellow believers worldwide to the Lord.
  • A Shared Purpose for Action: United in our quest for a breakthrough in global missions, we commit to fulfilling the Great Commission together in our lifetime.

How Can You Participate?

Are you keen on joining our global prayer community in covering local and global missions in prayer 24-7 for six months from 20 March 2024 until 22 September 2024?

1. Register Your Prayer Slot

2. Download the Monthly Prayer Guide

3. Engage With Others Online

4. Share With Your Community

Let us know you are praying. Choose your prayer slots on our 24-7 prayer calendar and become a part of a continuous chain of intercession, lifting the needs of the local and global church.

Click the link to download the dedicated prayer guide. This guide is designed to help you pray in concentric circles: beginning with yourself and systematically working outwards until you are praying for the world.

Don’t pray alone! Connect with others during your time of prayer through our YouTube Live Prayer Room. As you pray, share your thoughts, experiences, prompts and Scripture verses with others on our YouTube chat.

Invite friends, family, and your church community to join you in this global prayer movement.


Let’s unite together in prayer in this special season of preparation as we look toward the Fourth Lausanne Congress. Register your prayer slot below.

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