The 25 ‘Collaborate’ Session Gaps

Prayerfully take the time to watch the pitch videos that align with the kind of conversation you would like to join in the afternoon COLLABORATE sessions at the Fourth Lausanne Congress. Each has a driving question that will focus your conversation, and a description to help you understand why it’s important to close this Great Commission Gap.

By May, please prayerfully discern your top 3 gaps, sharing this on the survey. We’ll sort out numbers and training. And when the State of the Great Commission Report comes out, please read the relevant articles to deep dive into this gap.

God willing, we’ll join you and thousands of others, online or in person, as we collaborate to accelerate global mission, together. May you know God’s calling to play your part in the Great Commission today.

Explore the Gaps

Gap 1: The Global Ageing Population
Gap 2: The New Middle Class
Gap 3: The Next Generation
Gap 4: Islam
Gap 5: Secularism
Gap 6: Least Reached Peoples
Gap 7: Scripture in a Digital Age
Gap 8: Church Forms in a Digital Age
Gap 9: Discipleship in a Digital Age
Gap 10: Evangelism in a Digital Age
Gap 11: AI and Transhumanism
Gap 12: Sexuality and Gender
Gap 13: Wholistic Health
Gap 14: Polycentric Missions
Gap 15: Polycentric Resource Mobilization
Gap 16: Integrity & Anti-Corruption
Gap 17: Integrated Spirituality & Mission
Gap 18: Developing Leaders of Character
Gap 19: People on the Move
Gap 20: Urban Communities
Gap 21: Digital Communities
Gap 22: Ethnicism & Racism
Gap 23: Christianity, Radical Politics and Religious Freedom
Gap 24: Caring for Creation and the Vulnerable
Gap 25: Societal Trust and Influence of Christianity