North Korea Interest Group

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1:30-2:30pm

Each of the three days will address different topics progressing with an end message that there is a role for the whole global church to engage North Korea.

Session 1 | Overview

The first day will be an overview of the North Korea terrain as it deals with such topics as international policy responses to North Korea (from both allies and “enemies” of North Korea) and current needs and priorities in North Korea. We will present the engagement map visualizing all the channels for engagement that have taken place over the years – various forms of diplomacy, science, sports, humanitarian work from a range of countries. Lastly, an engagement story illustrating a case of engagement and God’s hand over it will close out the session.

Session 2 | Three Phases of North Korea Engagement

Three phases of engagement in North Korea, with a focus on current challenges and gaps in capacity/access, as a primer for Session 3 the following day. Phase 1 is the initial engagement, a call to serve North Korea, opportunities for the global church, from all locations.  

Phase 2 Developing expertise and experience + faith-based posture towards engagement developed over time. (to show how one doesn’t just walk in and start work), balancing competing priorities (donors, North Korea citizens, PY, laws, policy, sanctions). 

Phase 3 Current challenges, needs and expectations in North Korea engagement, new laws, and obstacles, but the opportunity in the drive for rural development proclaimed by Kim Jong Un. 

Session 3 | Call to the global church for action

Third day will be a call to action for the global church since Americans and South Korea-based organizations may no longer have access or be limited. We will highlight a couple of members from the global south who have participated in North Korea and give opportunities for the attendees to interact with veterans who have been engaged in inside North Korea engagement and to network. There is a role for the whole global community to engage North Korea with traditional leaders such as Americans and Korean diaspora playing a supporting role behind the scenes and the global church to step up.

Note: The North Korea Track will be limited to those who have a desire to take the next steps to mobilize and engage North Korea. Moreover, priority will be given to those who can attend all three days or at least two days.