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Tools to Share Your Seoul-Incheon 2024 Journey with Your Community

Promotional Video

Use this video to better understand and share the Lausanne story.

Introducing Lausanne Deck

Use these slides when communicating Lausanne to your church or community group.

Sample Letter

Download and personalise this sample letter, before sending it to your supporters.

Lausanne In 5 Points

Your quick guide to explaining Lausanne and the Seoul 2024 Congress.

Social Media and Text Messages
Filming a video for social media? Here are some tips.

[ ] Have a friend film you with the back camera on your phone. The higher the quality, the better. If you don’t have anyone available to film you, set up your phone at eye level.

[ ] Ensure you are filming in a vertical (or portrait) format. This format works best on most social platforms and is key in reaching a larger audience. Make sure you leave some space above and below your face. Think waist and upwards.

[ ] When to film your video. For a clear video with good lighting, the best time to film your video is during the daytime. If you are filming outside, check for harsh shadows on your face. If you are filming inside, face a window so some natural light falls directly on your face.If you’re filming at night, make sure you’re facing a good light source.

[ ] Double check your background. Don’t worry too much about your background, but if possible, make sure there’s nothing distracting behind you. A good rule is to be a few feet away from any objects behind you. This adds ‘depth’ to your video.

[ ] Find a quiet place to film. If possible, try to find a quiet place with minimal background noise so we can hear you clearly.

[ ] Wondering what you should wear? Clothes with a neutral tone work well. White, cream, brown, and shades of blue are perfect.

[ ] Video length. 20 – 60 seconds is the perfect length for your video.

[ ] Cover Image. A cover image can be taken at the same time you film, with the same framing. You can upload this as a cover on Instagram and Facebook.This image could also be a previous HD image you have of yourself with a neutral background.

[ ] How to edit the video. Editing can be done on Instagram or Facebook. You can add automated captions and music in the background.

Here is a quick checklist:

  • Is my video vertical/portrait?
  • Is there good lighting and a background that does not distract?
  • Am I in a quiet location?
  • Am I wearing neutral colors (white, brown)?
  • Is my video 20 – 60 seconds long?
  • Do I have a cover image?
Sending a text message or posting on social media? Here are some sample text you can use or modify.

Example 1:

I’m incredibly excited to share that I’ve been invited to {attend/participate in} the Seoul 2024 Congress. 

The Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisation is taking place in Seoul, South Korea, from 22-28 September 2024. The purpose of this significant gathering, as well as the Lausanne 4 (L4) journey leading up to and beyond the gathering, is to accelerate collaborative action toward fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission.

Due to the nature and length of this event, there is a significant financial burden included, and I need to raise a total of [insert amount] to attend. Would you be willing to contribute a gift of any amount to support me on my journey?

If you would like to partner with me in this way or if you would like to commit to praying for me, please check the [insert fundraising platform name here, GoFundMe etc] link in my bio for more details!

Example 2:

Hello friends! I have been selected to represent my particular sphere of influence at Seoul 2024, The Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisation, and am trusting the Holy Spirit to open opportunities for me to work in collaboration with others on both a local and global level to address the most urgent needs, gaps, and strategic opportunities in mission before us. 

I kindly ask if you will consider partnering with me in prayer and financially as I raise the funds needed to participate in the congress.

I need to raise a total of [insert amount]. Would you be willing to contribute an amount of [insert amount]?

If you would like to partner with me in this way or if you would like to commit to praying for me, please check the [insert fundraising platform name here, GoFundMe etc] link in my bio!

I’m looking forward to bringing you along with me on this journey.